Codeanywhere Digitalocean Promo Code 20$ Free Credit

Here is another way to claim Free Credit on DigitalOcean which up to $20 value, so you can use VPS on DigitalOcean free for 4 months ($5 plan).

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How To Get Free $20 DigitalOcean Credit

Today I will show you a small trick to get $20 in DigitalOcean Credit to try their Cloud VPS hosting for Free. It’s very simple to do, you just follow precisely these steps below:

  1. Visit and create a new account.
  2. In the first-time logged in, you will see the Connection Wizard appear, click to DigitalOcean. Or navigate to File » New Connection » DigitalOcean.
  3. Now, click to Get Coupon at below of Don’t Have a DigitalOcean Account? Click below to receive a coupon for $10 in Credit. Copy that $10 code.
  4. Use this link to create a new DigitalOcean account for receiving a $10 credit bonus from DigitalOcean.
  5. When verifying your DigitalOcean account, let paste the code in step 3 to the Billing section.
  6. After done, you will have free $20 credit in the account balance.

(*) This coupon will be valid only for new DigitalOcean accounts.

About CodeAnyWhere

codeanywhere logoCodeanywhere is a collaboration platform for developers. Enabling them to share their files, folders or entire development environments to collaborate together in realtime.
Think of it as Google Docs for developers

CodeAnyWhere IDE Features:

  • Web Editor and Mobile Editors
  • 75 Programming languages syntax
  • Code completion (js, php, html, css)
  • Linting (js, css)
  • Multiple cursors
  • Zen coding support
  • Code beautify
  • All device and browser support
  • SSH (Terminal Console)
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Premium Technical Support (via Email)

In addition, you can also get free $50 DigitalOcean Credit for any new accounts at this time.

Nice a day guys 🙂

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